If you wish to start training with London Fields Triathlon Club we need you to complete this participation form before you attend your first session. Once you've completed the form you'll start receiving LFTC emails with details on how to join our training sessions.

You'll also be able to book future sessions on this site using the account details you register with this form.

If you are already training with LFTC, we will ask you to update your details every year to make sure our records and mailing list are up to date.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the club or speak to one of our coaches.

Account details

Participant information

Please tick all that apply. This is very important so our coaches have the information they may need when you are training with us. Further details can be added below.
If your answer to any of these questions changes during the year so that you would answer YES, please notify the coaches BEFORE you begin your next club training session.
Please provide any details relevant for our coaches.
Whether you have been training with us already or not, suggestions on additional sessions or other support that you would like the club to consider are always welcome.