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Womxn community: Riak Turbo Session #2

April 14th at 18:30 - 19:30

Join us on Wednesday, April 14th (6:30pm) for the second of our three week block of turbo sessions, kindly put on by RIAK. Please make sure to sign up on the website in advance and you will receive instructions on how to join. You will need a turbo and laptop, but if you don’t have a smart trainer, you can still join.

Detailed description of the sessions below by RIAK: 

Turbo sessions

Our online coached turbo sessions leverage RGT’s immersive virtual training platform alongside a live interactive Zoom coaching feed.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a smart trainer or power meter-trainer combo, as well as giving power targets, we also describe our sessions in terms of ‘rate of perceived exertion’ (effort out of 10), so anyone with any form of indoor bike can join and easily follow.  I will also share my RGT screen, which will help riders keep track.

If do you plan to join us on RGT, it is strongly recommend you download the app and have a practice ride with it in advance of the session as it can be a bit fiddly the first time you use it.  Riders will only need the free basic RGT account to do a free ride and to join our sessions.  Please check RGT’s website for technical specifications and set up FaQs: https://www.rgtcycling.com/get-started/.  At the bottom of our turbo page (https://riak.fitness/online-turbo/) we have a video on how to streamline your RGT set up but please direct any technical issues to RGT as they’re the experts.

In terms of focus, our intention is to give riders a taste of what it is like to train all of the energy systems.  To start with, the first session will be threshold focused as triathletes are generally familiar with this training zone. But in the second and third sessions, we’ll mix things up a bit and explain why it is important for even long distance triathletes to train all their energy systems…we’ll also explain what an energy system is!

As with our strength sessions, our coaches are there to answer your questions. We have topics we would like to cover, but we never over plan our sessions specifically so we can fully explore athlete raised topics. So bring your cycling related queries!


April 14th
18:30 - 19:30





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