LFTC Club Camp 2023

Blog post written by Stephanie   6th & 7th May 2023 – the weekend designated for the celebration of newly coronated King Charles. But we’re athletes and the only Kings we celebrate are KOMs. And so it was that 40 LFTC’ers descended on the island of Mallorca. 40 (honorary) Brits descending on Mallorca, sounds like … Continued

Lanzarote Club Camp

Towards the end of November, around 30 LFTCers descended on the legendary La Santa resort in Lanzarote for an action packed week of swim, bike, run (and whatever extra activities you had time to pack into the day.. options included windsurfing, CrossFit and even trampoline fitness!)   We started the week with the best intentions; full … Continued

Being a Sustainable Triathlete by Toby Read

As a triathlete you may have a larger environmental footprint to other less active individuals. You’ll probably own more kit, do more washing and eat more food. On 20th August LFTC hosted a Sustainable Triathlete Ride. Stopping for cake, we discussed how to reduce our environmental and climatic impacts through the purchases and actions we … Continued

LFTC Holiday Zwift (Instructions) – Cole

Hi All, If you have found yourself here then, two things: 1. There is still time to turn back (kidding, we all work at different FTPs, you’ll be fine!). 2. Please read the below carefully as Zwift haven’t made this as simple as it could be. Download the Workout: Join our special Whatsapp group for … Continued