Planning your triathlon training

Some of you have been asking what you should be doing during the week in addition to the Sunday club swim and run sessions. This depends entirely on you as an individual. You should consider each weekly plan as an integral part of a monthly plan which is an integral part of your annual plan. … Continued

Running Tips 1

Running drills are an important part of any run session. They should take place after a 5-10min warm-up such as a light jog. The drills mimic and often exaggerate movement patterns that take place when running. Thus they provide a dynamic stretch to the muscles used when running, help train correct muscle activation patterns used … Continued

Sample Swim Session 2

Here is the session put together for Sunday January 10. It was a bit of a monster session with a few of you completing the whole thing and most of you doing very well to get through the majority of it. My description might differ slightly from what you did on the day. That is … Continued

Sample Swim Session 1

Here is a sample session plan to incorporate the sculling drills in the previous blog. In the video you will see the first three drills. The fourth sculling drill is performed by pushing off the wall with your arms at your sides. Bend one elbow to 90deg allowing your wrist to flex (bend) then straighten … Continued

Swim Tips 2

When you have a significant number of people sharing a lane, especially when you have mixed abilities, ‘lane etiquette’ becomes an essential part of a swim session. A few simple tips can mean that everyone enjoys the session a little bit more and we reduce the risk of people swimming into (or over top of) … Continued

A Simple Measure of Training Intensity

The Borg Scale is a simple method of rating perceived exertion (RPE) and can be used by athletes and coaches as a way to gauge exercise intensity during a training session or competition. This is one method that we will use to quantify exercise intensity during our club training sessions. The Borg Scale is a … Continued

Swim Tips 1

This week in our first swim session we will introduce ‘sculling drills’. Sculling drills are an excellent way to develop a feel for the water. By that I mean rather than dragging ourselves through the water with maximum effort and minimal efficiency we will develop the ability to ‘catch and pull’ through the water with … Continued