Remember to warm-up when it’s cold!

You may laugh at my structured warm-up routines before we run but with temperatures plummeting a proper warm-up becomes even more important. If we take the Achilles tendon as an example. The Achilles tendon is a structure that is commonly injured in sports involving running and jumping. Paratendenitis is a specific condition affecting the Achilles … Continued

This week

Well the Saturday ride is looking a little sketchy due to the weather. If there is any chance of ice or snow on the roads I suggest you put it off for another day. I have hit black ice before in this area when out riding with Guy (see previous blog here) and sustained some … Continued

Social, prizes, club ride…a mixed bag!

It was great to see on Friday night that the social side of the club is well and truly alive and kicking (see photos here for proof). I was reminded on Friday by Alex that she too completed the Nice Marathon. Nice work Alex Adames! You did 3:12 didn’t you Alex? ‘Chicked’ Dan by 3mins … Continued

Drinks Friday

A reminder that we celebrate the end of our 1st year in Pub On The Park this Friday! We’ll be there from 7ish There will be prizes! And, as it’s a pub, there’s a bar!

Some fine performances

There have been some massive achievements by members of the club in recent weeks. Scott McKenna and Dan King both ran 3hr 15min marathons in New York and Nice respectively. Well done lads! That is a great time for a marathon. Scott also completed his Level 1 Triathlon Coach qualification a couple off weeks ago. … Continued

Sunday’s technique session

It was a great swim session this morning. From a coaching perspective I saw some very positive changes in front crawl technique in a number of you that will allow you to swim faster and more efficiently. There was also some very positive feedback from you guys with regard to the lane set-up and structure … Continued

Auction at London Fields Lido

Anyone who visits the lido will recognise the fantastic prints of cold swimmers, including our coach Tim. If interested, the pic’s are being auctioned for charity, info below…

A little more about winter training

How many times during a post-race interview when asked, ‘What has been the big difference in your training that has lead to this success?’ have you heard an athlete say ‘I had a really good winter’. A good winter? What do they mean? A good example would be Alistair Brownlee. In 2009 he had great … Continued