The video doesn’t lie!

There was an impromptu club session on Wednesday this week for those lucky enough to have the day off. I finally got my ‘camera mounted on a mop’ out and videoed a number of our clubbies swimming at the Lido. It was a very interesting session with a range of swimming backgrounds from absolute beginner … Continued

Tuesday 28/12 evening run cancelled!

Believe it or not there is still ice on the paths in Well Street Common plus it is a bank holiday so instead of running multiple laps of a small common in the dark I would encourage you to get out, get some vitamin D from the sun and try an alternative run session tomorrow. … Continued

Tuesday run cancelled!

Well Street Common is still looking very much frozen and with temperatures unlikely to rise significantly in the next 24 hours I can’t see the situation changing. So tomorrow’s run session is cancelled. Thank you to all those who braved the elements on Sunday for our last session of the year. It was a great … Continued

The last Sunday session of the year!

So we completed a couple of time trials last Sunday. I will email you the results by the end of the week. What you can do is use the results to help make your own swim sessions more structured so you get the most out of every session. CSS is an acronym for Critical Swim … Continued

Coaching is testing and testing is coaching

I was at a workshop a few weeks ago looking at athletic development. ‘Coaching is testing and testing is coaching’ was a phrase that the presenters used a number of times throughout the workshop. During our coached sessions we are constantly testing you in some way. Looking at your ability to perform technique drills, watching … Continued