Eating prior to exercise

The pre-race or pre-training meal is important but remember that what you eat and drink throughout the rest of the week is just as important. Food consumed before exercise is only useful once it has been digested and absorbed by the body. Only then can it be used a source of fuel for exercise. You … Continued

Swimming Drills

Our coach on Sunday was Dan Bullock from Swim for Tri. You can see more info about his drills here and here. He also runs a Thursday night course that might interest you.

Group 2 Run on 24th Jan

Hi all, this is the route we ran in group 2 this Sunday… Map your run in UK – route355489: LF TRI CLUB 24TH JAN 2010 Best, Chris

LFTC tri-kit

Hi Everyone,Here’s an intial design for the club’s kit.Hope you all like it and would be great to have your comments.(Click the image to enlarge)Cheers Guy

Set yourself an end of season goal

I know it’s still a long way off but races sell out pretty quickly these days. The North Norfolk Triathlon could be great finale to this year’s race season. The race is held on the 12th of September. The swim takes place in the historical harbour at Wells-Next-the-Sea, the multi-lap cycle winds it’s way through … Continued

Fancy an early morning run?

Rob Popper has been taking early morning running sessions at Millfields Park for the past year. The park is well lit, has railings to lock up bikes and a 1km well lit path for circuits, intervals and general training. Rob is happy to open up the session to members of the London Fields Triathlon Club. … Continued

We are just too popular!

It seems we have created quite a stir with the establishment of the London Fields Triathlon Club. That’s great! However it means our swim session is very popular and tends to be fully booked well in advance. We only have one double lane available to us. To keep the session enjoyable and to have the … Continued

Sample run session plan 1

Sadly I won’t be there this Sunday for our first club run. However you might like to follow this session plan. If your not sure where to go I am sure one of the the local lads/lasses can act as your guide. Having just survived Xmas and New Year it may have been a while … Continued

Planning your own swim sessions

I was going to write this blog myself but upon opening this months 220Triathlon magazine Dan Bullock of Swim for Tri had done it for me! Dan breaks the session down into 1. Warm-up, 2. First sub-set, 3. Main set, 4. Second sub-set and 5. Cool-down. He then goes on to describe different types of … Continued

Swim Tips 3

In Swim tips 1 we introduced some sculling drills to improve your ‘feel for the water’. Here are three more drills to help you develop a smooth and efficient FC technique: 1. Kicking on your front: Push off from the wall, arms out-stretched in front of you with hands overlapping and face in the water. … Continued