Periodization: Dividing your annual plan into periods

Periodization allows you to divide your annual training plan into ‘periods’ or phases of training. Each period will have a different emphasis. The ‘transition’ period is a recovery period and occurs after a race and at the end of the season. The transition period will last between one and six weeks. One week after a … Continued

Basic and advanced abilities for triathlon fitness

Joe Friel, world renowned triathlon coach, describes three basic abilities for successful multisport racing: endurance, force and speed skills. These three basic abilities form the foundation for successful multisport training and racing. Endurance is the ability to delay the onset of fatigue and reduce its effects on performance. For a novice multisport athlete endurance is … Continued

Periodization: Some basic principles

To understand ‘periodization theory’ it is important to understand the training principles that form the basis of the theory. Principle of specificity A training program will progress from ‘general training’ to ‘specific training’ throughout the year. For example, an athlete may want to develop greater cycling strength. Early in the season they might use a … Continued

What is periodization?

For some of us, including me, our first race is only 8 weeks away. It may not be a high priority race but a race you have chosen to blow the cobwebs out and sharpen your race skills. So what should we be doing differently in the next 8 weeks? That brings me to the … Continued