Core stability part two

I was pretty surprised when I googled ‘core stability and triathlon’ earlier this week and saw my own LFTC blog come up on the first page of hits! Apologies for the typos last week. I didn’t get my assistant i.e. Sarah, to check it before I published it. The reason I did the search was … Continued

Core stability and pulling your belly button in

It seems it is not possible to talk to any triathlete or read any triathlon magazine, whether it be about injury or improving performance, without someone saying ‘activate your core’. So this is my pet hate… The belief that core stability is all about activating a single abdominal muscle and in activating this muscle you … Continued

Welcome back!

Welcome back to LFTC training for 2012! It’s going to be a very exciting year for Hackney, London and Great Britain. I hope that the opening and closing ceremonies of London 2012 with the £81 million price tag are going to be worth it! I must say that the fireworks on New Year’s Eve were … Continued