This weekends training – A test of your endurance!

I don’t mean we are going to be ‘testing’ your endurance again but both the swim and run sessions involve little if any rest periods. Great preparation for your upcoming events and both sessions should leave you feeling confident you can do the business come race day. As usual we will start the swim session … Continued

This week’s swim and run sessions – Pacing

Having calculated your CSS last week this week’s session is all about pacing yourself during the swim. It is extremely common to swim way too fast at the beginning of a triathlon (especially when it is your first race) and then spend the rest of the swim (and sometimes the bike and run) paying for … Continued

This week’s swim session – Breathing and body position

Breathing. Sounds simple doesn’t it but how many of you feel breathless when swimming? There are a number of reasons why you might feel breathless. Most of us will automatically assume that it is a lack of fitness that is the cause. However it may be something far more simple like holding your breath or … Continued

The Knee – The area most likely to be injured

Images from: Introduction Knee pain is relatively common in triathletes. In fact the knee is the area that is most often injured by those participating in triathlon. Which discipline causes the majority of knee injuries? Running. That is not to say that swimming and cycling don’t cause knee injuries. They certainly can but relative … Continued

This week’s swim session – An effective kick

It is the action of the arms and body that provides 85-90% of your propulsion in the water when swimming freestyle (front crawl). So why work on kicking then? Well for some that 10-15% might make the difference between reaching your season goal e.g. lowering your 750m swim time by ‘X’ amount, or not reaching … Continued