Two new champions crowned!

At the Fritton Lake Triathlon Festival on Saturday and Sunday May 29 and 30 the London Fields Triathlon Club found two new champions! Seb Balcombe, competing in his first ever triathlon, won his age group in the Super Sprint on Saturday. In the true spirit of the club Seb even stopped to help the guy … Continued

This week’s swim session – Breathing, Rhythm and Timing

Developing a good breathing technique is one of the biggest challenges for beginner and intermediate swimmers. Do you have a strong side and a weak side? Why is that do you think? Problems with breathing can have an effect on other parts of your stroke. For instance, breathing can cause scissor kicks, a poor body … Continued

That bothersome calf pain

Calf pain is a common problem especially in athletes whose chosen sport involves running. If not diagnosed and managed properly it can persist for months or recur causing disruption to training routines and frustration. The calf consists of two muscles, the gastrocnemius and the soleus. They both share a common tendon, the Achilles tendon, that … Continued

This week’s swim session focus – Body roll!

Hello there! This weekend’s swim session is focussing on ‘body roll’. Body roll refers to the rotation of the shoulder, torso and hips about the long axis of the body with each stroke. A good efficient freestyle stroke will result in the shoulders, torso and hips rotating together. The head remains stationary turning only slightly … Continued

A pain in the butt!

With four of our club members joining me for long run in the cold wind and driving rain on Sunday it wasn’t long before our minds wandered away from thoughts of spring and the upcoming race season. The topic of conversation instead turned to human anatomy and more specifically buttocks! One of the group had … Continued