Tuesday run interval sessions

Those of you who have been attending the Tuesday night interval sessions on a regular basis may have noticed a pattern. We are working to a four week cycle. Each week we perform a different session, week 1 is 400m reps, week 2 is 800m reps, week 3 is 1200m reps, week 4 is a … Continued

Adapting your stroke for open water

On Saturday I mentioned adapting your stroke for open water swimming. Even the best wetsuit will limit your flexibility around the shoulders compared to swimming without a wetsuit. Try adapting your stroke to work with the wetsuit rather than against it. The high elbow recovery used in pool swimming can fatigue your shoulders by working … Continued

Rules for Triathletes

After running two small brick sessions I’ve noticed that there’s a bit of a grey area of knowledge when it comes to rules. If this season is going to give you your first BTF (British Triathlon Federation) sanctioned race, then you’ll be following their rules. Most are common sense, but there are a few that … Continued