How should you pace your triathlon run?

An interesting recent study looked at the best pacing strategy to adopt during the initial phase of an Olympic distance triathlon run. In summary, ten highly trained male triathletes completed three individual time-trial triathlons (1.5-km swimming, 40-km cycling, 10-km running) in a randomised order. Swimming and cycling speeds were kept constant for all three triathlons … Continued

Bike/run brick route

I had a request yesterday to put the Brick bike route up on line, so I’ve created a map in mapmytri. I couldn’t get the notes working on mapmytri, so I’ve listed a few things here instead: – Start at Thames Barrier Park, and head out East – At the island, turn left up and … Continued

Get yourself some toys for the pool!

I probably don’t need to tell you that swimming front crawl or freestyle is a technical skill. It requires the coordinated movement of all four limbs and the spine to produce a smooth series of strokes that blend together seamlessly to propel you through the water. You might have found that endless hours of just … Continued

Tapering for your triathlon

Training for triathlon does place ‘stress’ on the body and mind (physiological and psychological stress). If the level of stress and recovery is appropriate then the body (and mind) will adapt in a positive way and you will become fitter and stronger. The main aim of the taper then is to reduce the negative physiological … Continued