Swim tips 5 – Using fins to improve your stroke

Swimming front crawl (FC) efficiently is a complex motor skill to learn. It involves the coordinated movement of the head, spine, pelvic and shoulder girdles and all four limbs at once in an environment that not all of us are comfortable in. Oh, did I forget to mention breathing too? Breaking down a skill into … Continued

The barefoot running debate

Eaves dropping on conversations at our training sessions is proving to be a great way to find topics for the blog. Barefoot running popped up in conversation just as we were about to head out for a soaking wet cold run this morning. I am afraid I fit the stereotype of a NZer. I grew … Continued

Triathlon Cycling and Running Show

The Triathlon Cycling and Running Show will take place at Sandown Park on 13-14 February and will be packed with the greatest products, services, seminars and features for the triathletes, cyclists and runners. I went last year and though it was well worth a look. This year you could go along and listen to Ironman … Continued

Eating after exercise

Once eaten, carbohydrates are broken down into monosaccharides and are absorbed into the bloodstream. They then get used as energy if needed. Any glucose not needed right away gets stored in the muscles and the liver in the form of glycogen. Insulin, along with other hormones, is responsible for regulating this process. If the concentration … Continued

Running Tips 2

Some might say that running is the least technical of the three disciplines in triathlon. Just as many people would argue that this could not be further from the truth! Running is the cause of most injuries that triathletes suffer. Running technique therefore is an important part of staying injury free. A few basic tips … Continued

Swim Tips 4 – Swim Smooth

Swim Smooth, in my opinion, is quite possibly the best FREE triathlon swimming website around. Paul Newsome is the founder and head coach of Swim Smooth. Paul is British born but now based in Perth, Australia. Swim Smooth is an innovative swimming coaching company devoted to all levels of swimmers and triathletes. The over-riding goal … Continued

Learn from our mistakes!

Even triathlon coaches and experienced triathletes get it wrong sometimes. Guy and I have set some pretty big goals for this season. By big I mean the long course Alpe d’Huez Triathlon. Both of us realise that with three mountain passes to get over, before we even start the run, bike fitness is going to … Continued