Races in March

Well done to all those who competed in races this month. Remember, if you have raced – please let us know as we’d like to pat you on the back (digitally at least)! Simply email the club address with the heading ‘RESULT’. Alex Cooper braved the alarmingly titled Boxhill Ballbuster and took twenty minutes off … Continued

Psychology and injury – an interesting link

An interesting study looked at what psychosocial factors might be related to faster recovery and return to sport following injury. A survey format was used to measure the following factors – positive attitude, outlook, stress and stress control, social support, goal setting, positive self-talk, and mental imagery-as well as related items about beliefs and recommendations … Continued

A little feedback from last Sunday

I hope you enjoyed Sunday’s session. We had a few first timers at both the swim and the run which was great to see. I was very impressed by the efforts of our first timers in both in the lido and in the park. The usual suspects did very well too especially on the speed … Continued

What about this wall?

The triathlon is being built as a showcase event for the 2012 Olympics and why wouldn’t it be? One of the world’s fastest growing sports, in the middle of one of the world’s most amazing cities, in what has become one of the most dominant countries in triathlon with a massive fan base. I was … Continued

Jumping on the bandwagon

I have often heard people say that triathletes are willing to accept new ideas, methods and technology more readily than other single discipline sports such as cycling, swimming and running because triathlon is a relatively new sport. How many triathletes do you see wearing Newton shoes or compression garments? You can’t have a conversation with … Continued