Another big week

It’s been another big week for the club in more ways than one. Our popularity has caused an explosion in the number triathletes wanting to join our sessions. From this weekend we will be offering Saturday and Sunday morning swim sessions to try an accommodate everyone. I would still encourage people to take part in the open water swim sessions at Fairlop to help boost your confidence in open water and improve your open water skills.

The Hillingdon Triathlon is on July 17 and last time I checked there were still places available. This is the second to last of the London League events and a great chance to race a different format with an open water swim too. The event is one of the longest running triathlons in the country and has a swim, run, bike format. The event does sell out each year so get your names in this week to secure a spot. We are sitting in fifth position on the London League table. I would love to see if we can get ourselves up into a top three position in our first year. It’s an ambitious goal but hey let’s do it!

Congratulations to Gabriel Sayer who won his age group at the Marshman Middle Distance Triathlon. I think I am right in saying that this was Gabriel’s first age group win which is fantastic. This weekend Ailanore Harper is racing in the Eton Sprint Triathlon. This is an age group selection race for the world championships. It is a very spectator friendly course and if you feel like a day out in Eton it would be great to support Ailanore during her race. Support at races is something we do very well as a club!

I love these guys. Check out a this video diary of Michael and Andreas Raelart. It’s gold especially the wolf pack analogy! This brings back memories of our training camp in Lanzarote. May be next time we’ll add in some bounding up mountains too! Does anyone else think that Herfried and Michael Raelart have a lot in common?

This Saturday and Sunday is our technique focussed swim session. Bring your fins and pull buoys (you must have these for the session) and paddles (if you have them). The run session will continue to help you improve your race pace with high intensity intervals.

See you Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday! Tim (LFTC Coach)