Come on you vets!

With only a week to go we still don’t have a veteran signed up for the Kingfisher Aquathlon (previously Morden 6n6). In order to get maximum points for this London League event we need one of our veterans (over 40) to sign up. You have until 9pm Thursday May 5th before entries close. Even with all the hiccups of the last event it was still a great day out (as well as providing great material for a blog!). A pool based event like this is a great introduction to multisport. The swim is followed by a 6mile traffic free run in Morden Park. Don’t be shy come and join us!

The men’s and women’s triathlon events were evidently one of the first events to completely sell out in the first round of ticketing for the London 2012 Olympics this week. Triathlon ticketing will go to a ballot process after more people applied than there are tickets available. This comes as no surprise to me given the explosion in popularity of the sport and the fact that GB athletes are very like to feature on the podium if not with a gold medal around their necks. Surely this adds more weight to the argument that the 3m blue wall around the majority of the course limiting spectator viewing is a bad idea.

This weeks swim session is our long swim to improve aerobic endurance and to help give you the confidence that you can cover the distance required in your next event. We will continue the open water skills theme as well to get you used to swimming in close proximity to others. I’ll add details about the run later in the week so stay posted.

I thought it might be useful for those who struggled with the sighting drills to see how it is done. Have a look at this video from Swim Smooth. There are 5 triathlon and open water swimming tips with the 4th being ‘The Art of Sighting’. Also if you struggled with the ‘Unco’ drill have a look at the description of the drill from Swim Smooth here. It is a great drill so persevere in your own sessions until you master it.

Loving these short weeks, long days and plenty of sunshine! See you next Saturday. Tim (LFTC Coach)