Go, go, go LFTC athletes this weekend!

A huge weekend of racing this weekend. On Saturday Gabriel Sayer takes on Ironman Lanzarote. Guy Holbrow tests himself in France in his build up to Ironman Nice with the Ironman 70.3 Pays d’Aix on Sunday. The Crystal Palace Triathon, the Slateman Triathlon and The Immortal middle dustance triathlon also take place on Sunday. The rest of the Ironman crew are using The Immortal in their build up towards Ironman Nice. All up I think we must have thirty plus athletes competing. Give it heaps team!

There were a couple of other races on too. The ITU WCS was in Yokohama this weekend. If you need a little inspiration just check out the men’s sprint finish!

Unfortunately GB’s Jodie Stimpson had a bit of bad luck in the women’s race when she hit the deck in T2. It did mean there was a chance for a few surprises on the podium.

Have a great weekend my good people. Race hard and race well! See you soon, Tim (LFTC Coach).