Lance wins his first 70.3 race

Another big weekend this weekend! It’s the ITU WCS race from Madrid; the last chance for athletes to qualify for the Olympics. There are a lot of GB athletes racing in the men’s race including Tim Don, Will Clarke and Jonny Brownlee. It’s looking far more like Alistair Brownlee’s first race of the year might be the Olympics. With no Helen Jenkins in the field Andrea Hewitt of New Zealand is the race favourite in the women’s event. Both races are live on the BBC so check them out. There is talk of GB using domestiques in the Olympic triathlon. Would you be prepared to give up your chance of having the race of your life at the Olympics for someone else?

Last weekend Lance Armstrong won his first Ironman 70.3 race in Florida. By the time the rest of the field were exiting T2 LA was the best part of 2 miles down the road. His bike split was 10 mins quicker than anyone else and he ran a very respectable 1hr 15min half-marathon. It looks like LA is turning into a real triathlete. His body shape has certainly changed over the past few months. Check out the photos.

A number of you were talking about following The Time Crunched Triathlete (TTCT) training programs last weekend. This is a great book that goes into the science of triathlon training in quite some detail. A word of warning however. The training programs are based on making the most of high intensity training with a limited amount of time. If you are trying to squeeze in club sessions on top of the TTCT sessions things might come a little unstuck due to inadequate recovery or too many high intensity workouts.

Our new coaches are getting into their session planning and delivering to you over the next few weeks. Make sure you give us feedback about how you thought the sessions went. Remember you will be using fins, pull buoys and possibly paddles so bring all your kit to get the most out of the sessions.

Lastly good luck to all those competing this weekend. There are a number of LFTC athletes competing in the 3km swim and triathlons at Dorney Lake this weekend. Give it heaps!

See ya, Tim (LFTC Coach).