LFTC raising the bar!

Another huge weekend for LFTC athletes last weekend. The results below show place in category. Pretty impressive reading huh?

UK 70.3 Wimbleball
5:21:59 17th Gabriel Sayer
5:35:04 24th Nathan Dytor
5:47:01 7th Gail Wilkinson
6:33:23 10th Shiz Gerami

Lakeside Triathlon
1:09:04 2nd Felipe Almeida
1:28:51 1st Hannah Moora

Dambuster Triathlon
There were some impressive results in very testing conditions. This was a world championship qualifier and if you have not raced in a race like this it is a whole new ball game. You can check out the results here.

Fritton Lake Triathlon
Stuart Hitchcock and Ellen Greaves both won their categories at the Fritton Lake Triathlon. Stuart set a new PB and Ellen came within seconds of running a sub 40min 10km!

This weekend is the WCS race from Kitzbuhel. It’s a beautiful race in the Tirol region of Austria with a tough bike leg. Both the Brownlee bros will be back in action along with Stuart Hayes. It will be interesting to see if GBs ‘domestique’ tactics may be tested here. It will be intriguing to watch just the same as the field is stacked with talent.

Last time I checked there was no Helen Jenkins on the start list. However, Olympic champion Emma Snowsill (Aus) has a chance to show the Aussie selectors they were wrong to leave her off the team. She may find herself having to chase down the likes of Nicola Spirig (Sui) and Andrea Hewitt (NZ) among others who might be able to breakaway on the bike. Both races are live on the BBC red button on Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.

If you don’t already know your CSS pace, at some stage during the week it would be good for you to establish it. Have a look at an earlier post to see how. We will be using CSS to pace our swim sets in upcoming weeks. There are alternative ways of pace setting such as using a ‘rating of perceived exertion’ (RPE) but CSS is more accurate and I know how much you all love checking your watches at the Lido!

On June 30th Zone3 are paying us a visit for a wetsuit demo session. We would like to see everyone in wetsuits. You can bring your own or use a demo suit from Zone3. We will go through getting a wetsuit on and off properly, discuss modifying your stroke when swimming in a wetsuit and hopefully we’ll get a chance to test how much faster you are (if you are indeed faster) when swimming in a wetsuit. So remember June 30th for the Zone3 wetsuit demo.

Have a good one! See you in the weekend I hope. Tim (LFTC Coach)