One day to go!

Just one day to go until the London 2012 women’s triathlon! Good news for Canadian fans, Paula Findlay is fit to race it seems, not so great news for anyone else as Findlay proved last year if it comes down to the run she is incredibly dangerous. She has not competed at the elite level all this year due to injury so we’ll have to see what shape she is in Saturday morning.

Andrea Hewitt got to pick her pontoon position first. She chose position 55 on the left side of the pontoon giving her the most direct line to the first turning buoy. Most of the other big names including Jenkins, Findlay, Moffat, Morrison, Riveros Diaz, Holland, Spirig, Bennett and Norden will line up just to her right. Erin Densham, the Aussie number one, goes in position 40 and Lucy Hall in position 6. It might be difficult to perform her role as domestique in the swim from the other end of the pontoon! Remember the women’s race kicks off at 9am GMT on Saturday. I couldn’t pick a winner, it’s going to be a very close and exciting race!

Saturday it’s our ‘long swim’ session. You’ll need fins and pull buoys. The main set is 200m repeats at CSS pace +5sec/100m. It will feel easy at the start but will get progressively more difficult. Sunday is our ‘technique swim’ session. It’s a technique pyramid, a great set with plenty of variety. Bring your fins, pull buoys and paddles if you have them. We might have to cut the run session a little short to make sure everyone can catch the women’s triathlon at 9am. The big screen in Haggerston Park anyone?

Have a great weekend! C’mon team GB (and the Kiwis)!