Open water skills: Wading and dolphin diving

With the next sprint distance world championship qualifier featuring a beach start, anyone participating in this race should practise two important open water skills before the big day – wading and dolphin diving. How important is it? Effective wading and dolphin diving technique could certainly earn you a better line out to the turning buoy and get you clear of heavy traffic in the early part of the swim. These skills will also get you out of the water faster allowing you to catch up to some of your fellow competitors (if anyone is in front of you at this point!), getting you into a better position for the bike and run.

If you heard my comments pool side on Saturday morning you will understand why I have had to bring some Aussie expertise to show us how it is done!

So, that is wading. It’s hard work and you only want to wade for as long as needed and no more. Choosing when to start dolphin diving as you enter the water is a key decision to make as is the timing your dolphin dives with in coming waves and choosing whether to go under the wave or over the top. This will depend on the water depth and size of the wave approaching.

There you have it, wading and dolphin diving. So next week, when we practise our dolphin diving we should see rather more ‘refined’ technique should we say! Have a good week. Tim (LFTC Coach).