Some fine performances

There have been some massive achievements by members of the club in recent weeks. Scott McKenna and Dan King both ran 3hr 15min marathons in New York and Nice respectively. Well done lads! That is a great time for a marathon. Scott also completed his Level 1 Triathlon Coach qualification a couple off weeks ago. Seb Balcombe will be completing the same qualification this weekend.

Matt ‘the Fish’ Tilbrook, Allison ‘the Fishette’ McLean and Tim Pratt ran the half-marathon distance Coastal Trail Run Series event on the Gower Peninsula. Matt snuck in 3mins ahead of Allison. You’ll get him by the end of the series Allison! Christina ran the 10km event (that actually measured more like 13km). Nice work! Christina even made it to training on Tuesday night. She’s pretty tough. If you haven’t heard about the series take a look here. They are very well run events in some beautiful locations.

On Tuesday night at our regular run session, on Well Street Common, for the first time ever at any of our training sessions the female athletes outnumbered the male athletes! Triathlon is a very inclusive sport but if you look at the number of males versus females participating in events there is still quite a difference. We would like to think we are doing our bit to close the gender gap by providing the right training environment to attract both sexes to the sport and it looks like it might just be working.

This Sunday’s swim session will be more fitness based so bring a good set of lungs. Last week we had a 100% strike rate with people bringing fins and about 80% bringing a pull buoy. The Lido’s supply of pull buoys is dwindling so please do your best to bring your own. There are a number of people on the waiting list for the session so if you can’t make it please let the club know. Those people on the waiting list might like to come along at 8am, swim in a puplic lane but follow the club’s session plan and then join us for the run.

This month if you buy 220Triathlon you get a free indoor cycle training dvd to keep you entertained while on the turbo trainer or rollers when the weather turns really nasty. Could be worth a look at least.

It’s the club’s first shindig this Friday night at the Pub on the Park so make sure you get along there. You just might pick up one of the coach’s awards! Tim (LFTC Coach)