Sunday’s technique session

It was a great swim session this morning. From a coaching perspective I saw some very positive changes in front crawl technique in a number of you that will allow you to swim faster and more efficiently. There was also some very positive feedback from you guys with regard to the lane set-up and structure of the session. Just in case you would like to repeat it in your own time here it is for future reference.

Warm Up:

  • 2x 50m front crawl + 50m breast stroke

Main Set:

  • 2-3x 50m kicking on back with fins arms extended overhead + 50m front crawl
  • 2-3x 50m kicking on side with fins (2x breaths then roll to opposite side) + 50m front crawl
  • 2x 150m swim as 25m scull #1 with pool buoy into 25m front crawl, 25m scull #2 into 25m front crawl, 25m scull #3 into 25m front crawl
  • 2x 100m swim as 25m doggy paddle into 25m front crawl
  • 2-3x 100m single arm front crawl with fins (roll to opposite side every 25m)
  • 2x 300m front crawl (no fins, no pull buoy) with emphasis on technique i.e. staying long and streamlined with a good catch and pull

Cool Down:

  • 50m front crawl, 50m back stroke, 50m front crawl, 50m back stroke keeping it nice and easy

The session above is slightly longer than the one we did today. If you swim in the technique lane choose 2x where you have the option. If you swim in the high volume lane choose 3x where you have the option. The 2x 300m at the end are optional. It is quite nice to see how your stroke feels after completing all the drills. Hopefully you feel like you are flying along! Not sure what a good catch is all about? Swim Smooth have some great videos and information on their website. I mentioned ‘putting the brakes on’ to a number of you and you can see what I mean in one of the videos. Click here if you would like to check it out

Don’t forget the club social this Friday at the Pub on the Park from 7pm. See you then. Tim (LFTC Coach)