The annual training plan

At London Fields Triathlon Club we have an annual plan in place that will hopefully allow the best possible training and therefore performance, across the year.


We all know that moving through the year we have to change the training we do, in terms of volume, intensity, type of training, but any idea why?  I’ve put a blog entry together that goes through periodisation so you can see why we do what we do.

Bike/run brick route

I had a request yesterday to put the Brick bike route up on line, so I’ve created a map in mapmytri. I couldn’t get the notes working on mapmytri, so I’ve listed a few things here instead: – Start at Thames Barrier Park, and head out East – At the island, turn left up and … Continued

Rules for Triathletes

After running two small brick sessions I’ve noticed that there’s a bit of a grey area of knowledge when it comes to rules. If this season is going to give you your first BTF (British Triathlon Federation) sanctioned race, then you’ll be following their rules. Most are common sense, but there are a few that … Continued