What about this wall?

The triathlon is being built as a showcase event for the 2012 Olympics and why wouldn’t it be? One of the world’s fastest growing sports, in the middle of one of the world’s most amazing cities, in what has become one of the most dominant countries in triathlon with a massive fan base. I was shocked and disappointed to say the least to read that there is a 3 metre high wall to be erected around Hyde Park for the Olympic triathlon in 2012. Ticketless fans will only be able to see some of the cycling route outside the park according to 220Triathlon.

There will be seating for only 3000 people in front of the Royal Park’s Serpentine Lake. I am not sure how many standing tickets will be available for those that would like to watch the event from within the 3 metre high wall. I realise we are probably going to be told that the wall is required for security reasons and is an absolute necessity. The Tour de France start in London attracted hundreds of thousands of people and no giant wall was needed. The triathlon in Sydney in 2000, arguably the best Olympics so far, was not surrounded by a giant wall. Now I don’t have all the facts but I just don’t think putting up a 3m high wall around the Olympic triathlon is the right thing to do. Perhaps we could start a ‘No Wall’ Facebook group? Rage Against the Machine made it to Xmas number one this way after all!

The club’s training is moving into a different phase with training sessions starting to become more race like in terms of intensity and skill. That is not sat that all sessions are going to be flat out. Far from it. But our sessions will have components in them to build race specific fitness and skills. We’ll continue to build muscular endurance using intervals at race effort of even slightly harder and we will maintain our aerobic endurance built up over the winter months.

This weekend is our technique swim. You will need fins and a pull buoy so please bring them along. The Lido has a limited supply of pull buoys and we should leave then for the public lanes. The run is a combination of intervals at 5km pace and 200m sprints.

See you Sunday. Tim (LFTC Coach)

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  1. I completely agree. It’s no way to showcase a new Olympic sport. Going to be really hammering that bank account when the tickets go on sale this week!

  2. With you on the wall Tim. It’s a plain stupid idea. I’m quite shocked. rn(but rage against the machine? how can you not love Joe McElderry?)

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