Coaching is testing and testing is coaching

I was at a workshop a few weeks ago looking at athletic development. ‘Coaching is testing and testing is coaching’ was a phrase that the presenters used a number of times throughout the workshop. During our coached sessions we are constantly testing you in some way. Looking at your ability to perform technique drills, watching your coordination during the run warm-up exercises and seeing how you cope with the main set within each session. It is not formal testing but it is testing none the less.

We do perform formal tests intermittently to check on progress. We want to know if our coaching methods are helping you achieve your goals to become fitter, stronger, faster and technically more proficient. At the same time we can see how your technique changes under a bit of stress i.e. when you are trying hard. This is an essential part of coaching too. So this week we will be testing you during the swim session performing two time trials. Don’t be scared! It is just a measure that we can use in another few months to check on your progress and also give you some idea of how you should pace your own swim sessions to gain maximum benefit.

There will be some technique work. Some more sculling (so bring pull buoys) and we will be using fins to help work on body alignment and streamlining. If you have been struggling with the sculling watch this video and see if you can mimic the technique on Sunday. Those swimming trunks are right up there with Seb’s best!

See you in the morning! Tim (LFTC Coach)

3 responses to “Coaching is testing and testing is coaching

  1. A cunning trick this late post Mr Smith but nevertheless a good session!
    On a personal level this type of session is quite possibly my worst nightmare, but l do appreciate that is a necessity. Can we get our times? Would be good to try it on my own.
    (Do not post mine on here though!!!)

  2. You will learn to love them Minky when you know your training has been going well and you can feel you have made progress. Then all you have to do is prove it. Your race times are all over the internet so why are you worried about a little swim test? Tim (LFTC Coach)

  3. Because l swim like a cat?

    I get it, l will nail this swimming malarky if it kills me and it probably will…

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