CSS results from the weekend

You know we are going to ask you what your current CSS pace is next week so you had better take a look at your results here

6 responses to “CSS results from the weekend

  1. nice one Mandy, thx for gathering the times and putting this together, much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for this guys.

    One question. I posted times of 7.45 and 3.44 and got a CSS of 2 mins exactly. James Ralph posted times of 6.56 and 2.55 and got exactly the same CSS.

    Does CSS miss something about raw pace as it’s based on the difference between the 400m and 200m splits? Depending on which figures you look at, James is either a much stronger swimmer than me (true) or I’m just as strong as him (definitely not true).

  3. Hi Richard, you are absolutely right. Your CSS is half of the difference between your 400m TT and your 200m TT times. So it reflects how much you slow down in the second half of your 400m TT. If you slow down at the same rate as a faster swimmer you will have the same CSS as is the case with you and James. While it is a useful tool it is not foolproof and is often used in combination with other measures such as 1000m TT to guide training. Tim (LFTC Coach).

  4. Hi Tim – can you mark me down as wearing a wetsuit for the last CSS? I can only dream of swimming 400m under 6 minutes without one!


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