Eating prior to exercise

The pre-race or pre-training meal is important but remember that what you eat and drink throughout the rest of the week is just as important. Food consumed before exercise is only useful once it has been digested and absorbed by the body. Only then can it be used a source of fuel for exercise.

You must not only time your food intake so that the fuel becomes available during the exercise period but you must eat the right food also . Food eaten before exercise should provide adequate carbohydrate. It should also be low in fat and moderate in fibre to make digestion easier and reduce the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort (belly ache!). Click here to get more detailed information about eating before exercise.

How much carbohydrate and how much protein should a triathlete eat as part of their diet? This continues to be a topic of much debate and there are a number of opinions out there. For more information about carbohydrates and protein intake in relation to exercise just click on the appropriate macro-nutrient!

This info should help you get through our Sunday morning double-header! Tim (LFTC Coach)

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  1. Can you recommend foods/drinks for post-exercise? I often find that I am knackered for the day after Sunday’s swim, despite having water, a pint of milk and a soda bread afterwards and was wondering if I should have something different.


  2. If you click on the ‘carbohydrate’ link in the blog you will see a list of sources of carbohydrate if you scroll down. You might like to try something different, such as fresh fruit, and see how your body responds. Also check the latest blog on ‘Eating after exercise’. Tim (LFTC Coach)

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