Listen to your body

In a recent study, looking at the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) by triathletes competing in an Ironman triathlon, a massive 59.9% of athletes reported comsuming NSAIDs in the previous three months. 25.5% consumed NSAIDs the day before the race, 17.9% immediately before the race and 47.4% during the race. The reasons for taking these drugs varied from injury treatment, pain prevention at training, pain prevention at a race, pain relief at training and pain relief at a race. Rather more shocking was the fact that few athletes that used NSAIDs were aware of the side effects of taking such medication. Although there are numerous reported side effects of NSAIDs the most common are gatrointestinal complications.

What is my point? There have been a few injuries being reported by our club members recently. It is important to remember that in most cases pain is your body warning you of actual or potential tissue injury. One of the most satisfying aspects of endurance sport is discovering what your body (and mind) is actually capable of. Why would you try to mask one of the most important sensations we have? As a coach I would be disappointed to discover that anyone was using NSAIDs or analgesics e.g. paracetamol, to get through training sessions or races. Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to back off if you are getting warning signs that things aren’t quite right. Talk to us before a session if you have any doubts as to whether or not you should train.

We need some vets to join us in the London Triathlon League!

We are all set (almost) to put forward a team for selected London Triathlon League events. However, we need more vets i.e. over 40 years of age, to complete the team. Without at least one vet and one female (or a female vet) we cannot get maximum points. So if you are over 40 and want to give duathlon, triathlon and aquathlon a go please sign up for the London Triathlon League events. These events will have a great team atmosphere and will be a fantastic way to get some race specific practice in ready for your priority races. We will also be supporting local clubs just like us.

This week’s swim session is our ‘splash and dash’ threshold swim. The session will be based on time rather than distance. The idea being you will complete as many 100m reps as possible in the time allowed at a given intensity. We will still be looking for quality over quantity sono prizes for the greatest distance covered! This week’s run with Karl is all about improving speed. Prepare yourselves for some sprint finishes during each interval!

Why should triathletes include speed work in their training? So you can finish like Bevan Docherty! Take a look here.

See you Sunday. Tim (LFTC Coach)

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  1. On note of need for speed check out Helen Tuckers sprint finish in Vancouver at the world championships.

    At the Tri show yesterday (sorry l won’t talk about it anymore)she spoke of how after every running session that she did her coach would make her sprint 200 meters. A opportunity to push yourself when you legs are dead and this consequently gave her the speed and strength in the last 200 to win and become world champion.

    I didn’t see all of Karls session today but l am imagining a group with the same athletic prowess and grit!

  2. You can have that one Tim but just remember not everything is a competition you know! ha ha

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