Meet your 2018 LFTC Committee

You may be aware that LFTC is run by a group of volunteers who put aside their time to keep everything ticking and create the best experience for our members. At our recent AGM we elected our new committee for 2018 who we are thrilled to introduce below!

We would like to say a huge thank you to those stepping down from the committee as well. You have all played an integral part in shaping the club that we have today and your time, effort and enthusiasm has been truly appreciated.

To our newcomers on the committee, it’s a pleasure to have you on board and we’re excited to get the ball rolling (or perhaps ‘wheels’ may be a better analogy…) for the coming year. We have so much in store for our members; 2018 is going to be another awesome year for LFTC and we can’t wait see our club grow even stronger together. Please feel free to approach any of the faces below if you have any questions, we are happy to help as best we can to support your journey with us!


rory natkiel

Rory Natkiel – Club Chairman

How long have you been with LFTC? 4 years
Tell us something we don’t know… I DJ’d at Fabric and at Glastonbury
Funniest triathlon moment? Missing my start time at the LFTC aquathlon and being the only adult on the course at the same time as the juniors!
Who inspires you? Mo Farah in 2012 first inspired me to take running more seriously which led me to triathlon. When I got to LFTC the coaches were a massive inspiration and kept me coming back
Staple pre-race song? White Denim, I Start To Run

richard gerrard

Richard Gerrard – Club Secretary

How long have you been with LFTC? 4 years
Tell us something we don’t know… I wrestled in Mongolia in a regional festival qualifier in the Gobi Desert
Funniest triathlon moment? Swimming an extra 500m off course during a sea-swim race
Who inspires you? Any member of LFTC!
Favourite post-race meal? Apple crumble with soya yoghurt

amanda wilmer

Amanda Wilmer – Juniors Secretary

How long have you been with LFTC? 7 years
Tell us something we don’t know… I once used to be a ballroom dancer
Funniest triathlon moment? Too many!! So many training jokes, silly race after parties…
Who inspires you? Everyone who bothers to get themselves off the couch and moving! My juniors of course 🙂
Staple pre-race song? Fire in your eyes, Chase ‘n’ Status

becca shepherd

Becca Shepherd – Club Treasurer

How long have you been with LFTC? 5 [short] years
Tell us something we don’t know… Struggling here…
Funniest triathlon moment? More just an embarrassing moment, but the time I’d just finished an adventure race (‘mud madness’) and my mum pulled down my shorts at the finish line, to ‘dry me off’!
Who inspires you? Many people, but mostly Amanda Wilmer because she makes Lycra look good.
Staple pre-race song? Eye of the Tiger!

abby boswell

Abby Boswell – Head Coach

How long have you been with LFTC? 5 years and counting
Tell us something we don’t know… I have a degree in Fine Art (sculpture) but people have variously confused me with a maths, marketing and sports science grad over the years!
Funniest triathlon moment? I’ve had my fare share of ‘oops’ moments! In my first race, I was whining and whimpering so much about the difficulty of getting my wetsuit off in transition that, to my surprise, an exasperated transition neighbour grabbed the suit and with a forceful yank, pulled it down to my hips for me…
Who inspires you? I think Flora Duffy is amazing for her ability to dominate off- and on-road, I’m inspired by women who can balance their passion for the sport with having a life too. My mum and dad have been pretty inspiring the last few years with their marathons, cycling and making amazing comebacks despite health problems and serious injuries
Staple pre-race song? Leftfield’s ‘Phat Planet’ is classic, Kasabian’s ‘Club Foot’, and I wouldn’t rule out ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Tarrell if I really need something to lift the mood!

ash roberts

Ashley Roberts – Coaching Coordinator

How long have you been with LFTC? 6 years
Tell us something we don’t know… I once high-fived Bret “The Hitman” Hart
Funniest triathlon moment? Getting a DNF in my one and only Ironman because I lost my timing chip in the swim. I have to laugh or I’d cry…
Who inspires you? Alan Gordon Partridge
Staple pre-race song? You’re The Voice – John Farnham

cole pugson

Cole Pugson – Communications Officer

How long have you been with LFTC? 2 years
Tell us something we don’t know… I still can’t tell my left from right, genuine mental block. When I played hockey at school, I had to tipex ‘R’ & ‘L’ on my trainers so I knew which way to pass…
Funniest triathlon moment? My raw talent for needing the loo in almost every transition. If you ever need recommendations on races with top porta-pottie services, I’m happy to provide 🙂
Who inspires you? Genevieve Lacaze, Lucy Charles, Holly Lawrence and Michelle Obama (I have many!)
Staple pre-race song? Hands down, it’s got to be ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ by Blue Swede

ollie capel

Ollie Capel – Co-Events Coordinator

How long have you been with LFTC? 4 years
Tell us something we don’t know… I am 58% fluent in French (please don’t test that)
Funniest triathlon moment? My general 5+ minute transitions
Who inspires you? Ali Brownlee, Lucy Charles and Lionel Sanders
Staple pre-race song? Cheryl Cole, Fight For This Love


sylwia tokarska

Sylwia Tokarska – Co-Events Coordinator

How long have you been with LFTC? 3 years
Tell us something we don’t know… As a kid I used to go to dance classes, I still can’t dance though…
Funniest triathlon moment? At my first multi discipline event – a duathlon – I couldn’t find my bike…even though I was the only competitor rocking folding bike..
Who inspires you? Ironnun and anyone ordinary doing extraordinary stuff
Favourite post-race meal? Pre-race, glass of red wine. Post-race, a bottle!

laura beswick

Laura Beswick – Social Secretary

How long have you been with LFTC? 3 years
Tell us something we don’t know… Having been at the club for almost 3 years, I’ve only just done my first triathlon…
Funniest triathlon moment? Clocking an impressive 8 minute T1 at said triathlon, due to having a lovely time chatting and putting on about five layers of thermals
Who inspires you? Sean Dyche for Burnley’s incredibly well drilled defence so far this season and his intelligent technique of using blocking defenders to funnel shots towards the centre of the goal
Favourite post-race meal? Having only just discovered peanut butter, I’m quickly making up for 33 years without it!

matt stevens

Matt Stevens – Men’s Captain

How long have you been with LFTC? 1 year, it feels a lot longer! I actually signed up to the Rimini club camp before I had met anyone from the club
Tell us something we don’t know… Before I got into more active pursuits like tri and running, snooker was my idea of a sport 🙂
Funniest triathlon moment? Trying a flying mount for the first time in a race and forgetting to undo the Velcro on the shoes. I almost fell off the bike…
Who inspires you? No individuals spring to mind, but anyone who’s willing to try something new and put themselves out of their comfort zone is always an inspiring sight
Favourite post-race meal? Anyone who’s been on a long bike ride with me will know that I never go anywhere without a full size loaf of Soreen in my back pocket!

ellie wiseman

Ellie Wiseman – Women’s Captain

How long have you been with LFTC? 2 years
Tell us something we don’t know…  I can eat a large dominos pizza by myself and still have space for pudding.
Funniest triathlon moment? Rode into a lamp-post on my way to my first club session…
Who inspires you?
Favourite post-race meal? Races are often on a Sunday so preferably a pub roast straight after!

kate nunn

Kate Nunn – Para-tri Coordinator & Race Coordinator

How long have you been with LFTC? 3 years
Tell us something we don’t know…  I love dance music
Funniest triathlon moment? Jude flying past me five minutes into the swim at the Kingfisher Tri. I thought to myself ‘ooh Jude’s missed the start!’
Who inspires you? Paula Radcliffe
Favourite post-race meal? Burger and beer!


renee lacroix

Renee Lacroix – Co-Beginners Coordinator

How long have you been with LFTC? 2 years
Tell us something we don’t know… My left foot’s second and third toes are semi-attached (some say this gives me an unfair advantage at swimming, I say they’re secretly jealous)…
Funniest triathlon moment? a.k.a most embarrassing moment: during the Rimini Sprint at Club Camp, I wasn’t aware that drafting was legal and ended up doing the whole cycling on my own, wondering why the hell everyone were shamelessly riding in packs
Who inspires you? People who live up to their principles, even if they go against the status-quo
Favourite post-race meal? Deliciously Ella’s creamy vegan carbonara

francesco mattia

Francesco Mattia – Co-Beginners Coordinator

How long have you been with LFTC? 2 years
Tell us something we don’t know… I am a softie, I cry watching sad movies and sports documentaries…
Funniest triathlon moment? On the bike leg in Rimini (middle distance race) I really needed a wee.. long story short, while I was doing the deed, a cyclist behind me got really close and I thought I was going to be told off. Turns out it was David from the club just saying hello (and overtaking). Embarrassing!
Who inspires you? People in the club that are faster than me in any discipline. They motivate me to train harder!
Staple pre-race song? Thunderstruck by AC/DC, listening to it gives me goosebumps

hugh elphick

Hugh Elphick – Co-Cycle Coordinator

How long have you been with LFTC? 4 years
Tell us something we don’t know… I like to surf every so often.
Funniest triathlon moment? Just listening to the banter between Sam Cunningham and Chris Cairns!
Who inspires you? Chuck Norris
Staple pre-race song? Starchild, Level 42

sam cunningham

Sam Cunningham – Co-Cycle Coordinator

How long have you been with LFTC? 6 months
Tell us something we don’t know… I have a key interest in Pre-Byzantine art
Funniest triathlon moment? Convincing myself I had an extra lap to do in the Splash & Dash aquathlon and then convincing another athlete that they also had an extra lap to do. Obviously, we both didn’t need to do an extra lap!
Who inspires you? Theresa May (pre Wheat Field)
Favourite post-race meal? McDonald’s Breakfast (egg sausage bagel with a hash brown for carbs…)

jude crichton

Jude Crichton – Race Coordinator

How long have you been with LFTC? 4.5 years
Tell us something we don’t know… I always wanted to do synchronised swimming…..still want to…
Funniest triathlon moment? Enjoying a lovely walk along the lake at the Jetstream Triathlon, slightly aware I hadn’t seen anyone for a bit, to see the swim start swimming away up the lake…dumped my stuff and dived in!
Who inspires you? Free divers, they are just so out there, plus all other worldly and dangerous individuals
Favourite post-race meal? Pizza with tuna, capers and pineapple…and prosecco

catherine smith

Catherine Smith – Welfare Officer

How long have you been with LFTC? 6 months
Tell us something we don’t know… I am a very passionate Arsenal supporter (COYG!)
Funniest triathlon moment? Whilst doing the Splash & Dash aquathlon with the club at the reservoir this summer, I wasn’t 100% sure how many running laps I’d done and so checked with a ‘trustworthy’ club mate which lap we were on, turns out that we both managed to get it wrong and ended up doing a whole extra lap. Whoops…lesson learnt for next time; never trust Sam’s lap counting!
Who inspires you? The Brownlee Brothers
Favourite post-race meal? Fish and chips


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