Planning your own swim sessions

I was going to write this blog myself but upon opening this months 220Triathlon magazine Dan Bullock of Swim for Tri had done it for me! Dan breaks the session down into 1. Warm-up, 2. First sub-set, 3. Main set, 4. Second sub-set and 5. Cool-down. He then goes on to describe different types of swim session including: speed, interval, heart rate based, negative splits, even split and mixing strokes. I recommend you take a look.

In addition there is a great article on ‘Group Riding Etiquette’. This is something you should know for when we start getting out on club rides. It will mean the risk of accidents can be kept to a minimum. Funnily enough there is also an article on Technique Drills for running but I had already written that blog!

220Triathlon is a good read this month. Tim (LFTC Coach)

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  1. HI Tim,

    I have that article as a PDF if anyone wants it and did not buy the magazine. Let me know

    Dan Bullock

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