Tuesday run cancelled!

Well Street Common is still looking very much frozen and with temperatures unlikely to rise significantly in the next 24 hours I can’t see the situation changing. So tomorrow’s run session is cancelled.

Thank you to all those who braved the elements on Sunday for our last session of the year. It was a great morning with Gabriel putting on a fantastic spread once the snow fights stopped.

I’ll be putting together the itinerary for La Santa together over the break. Any suggestions about how much training and how much chilling out you are keen for would be much appreciated.

Need a little motivation? Check out Part 1 of the NBC’s coverage of the 2010 Ironman World Championships here.

Have a great Xmas everyone! See you Tuesday 28th for a run if you are up for it. May be a long one or a trail run a bit earlier in the day? Tim (LFTC Coach)

7 responses to “Tuesday run cancelled!

  1. Well up for longer or trail run on the 28th…if the weather subsides l am looking to get out on the bike a fair bit if people are around.

    For La Santa, personally l would prefer to train in the mornings, have late lunch and then have a cocktail by the pool or try out one of the other activities at the resort. Maybe a few dusk bike rides? I got a feeling the boys may have a slightly harder agenda.

  2. Hey Tim..im pretty easy about training programme in La Santa… happy to go with the flow. i’d prefer early starts in the pool and then off for a longish run or bike somewhere, with some down time in the afternoons…. Was planning on a rest day midway in the week….rnrncant make the 28th but see u in the new year.rnHave a great christmas dont eat too many pies :)

  3. I’m back up north still on 28th. However, if anyone is about on the 29th, I’ve got the day off so perhaps a swim at the lido if anyone is keen?

    Re La Santa: I like the sound of doing stuff in the morning, one of the last training camps I went on was way back in uni for rowing, we did a session pre breakfast, then ate, and had a long session between then and lunch then we did do an afternoon session (but I was quite a bit younger then!) then before dinner we’d have a bit chat about technique etc and analyse some of the video footage that had been filmed in the day.

    I’ve spotted a few pilates and yoga classes at La Santa so I’d like to try and fit some of that in.

    Keen for volleyball too, although it has been ages since I’ve played.

  4. Every morning the club do morning aerobics by the pool at 8am followed by an easy 5k. This is quite a laugh and a good way to start the day. A long bike ride after that would be good with a big lunch followed by a couple of hours by the pool/fun sport. Then maybe an hour or so of swimming in the early evening. Dan

  5. Tim – this year me and my mate played in a volleyball tournament and got knocked out in the first round by 2 ten year olds.

    We then went into the losers cup and got beat by a man and his 8 year old son – despite shamelessly targeting the little kid with every serve and return!

    So to answer you question – yes, but not very well .


  6. I’m up for early starts and lazy afternoons/ evenings. I would prefer early rides given the strong winds in Lanzarote which are more likely to pick up as the day goes on. Some early morning open water swims would also be great. Leaving the pool mostly for the afternoon to assist recovery. Also planning some trail runs and a brick session or two. See ya, Tim (LFTC Coach).

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