We’re back at the track this Tuesday

Just a reminder that we are training at Mile End Stadium again tomorrow night. The session will start at 7pm as usual. Remember there is an entry fee of £3 and you can take your bikes in to the stadium.

For those people who competed in any racing over the weekend, especially if your event was over 10km, you should sit this session out. Focus on your recovery and you will be better for it later in the season.

Judging by your Facebook photos it looks like you guys took yourselves way to seriously over the weekend at the Endurancelife CTS race in South Devon! Congratulations to all those who competed. It did look like yet another fantastic weekend away. I hope you all had a blast and will be back for more adventures care of LFTC!

See you this weekend at the Lido. Have a great week. Tim (LFTC Coach).

5 responses to “We’re back at the track this Tuesday

  1. Also remember the Stadium entrance is different from the pool entrance!! It’s much safer to lock your bike inside the stadium.

  2. But l am having withdrawal effects already and its the TRACK! :(

    Anyone want to swim at Mile End instead?

  3. You maybe in luck, that thing called work it trying to sabotage my happiness and it looks like l may not be able to get out in time….. :(

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