The Ironman Run

The key to your run is starting with a solid bike leg and being sure you have kept up with both your nutrition and hydration but there is more to it than that.

Guest blog – Garbiel Sayer – An Advent of Running

It’s our first guest blog! Gabriel gives us a few tips about ‘An Advent of Running’. You might ask ‘Does this not contradict last week’s blog?’ Well, it is a run focused, but it is a little and often and that is the key. See ya, Tim (LFTC Coach).

Learning to ride long… with Gabriel Sayer

As we are currently coming out of the depths of winter I thought I would share with you my thoughts on riding long as part of your triathlon training. No matter what distance you do the bike is always going to be a significant part of your race and as such it should also be … Continued